Embracing the Architectural Heritage & Mediterranean Excellence in Palermo


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Palermo, Quattro Canti (Piazza Vigliena, The Four Corners), a Baroque square at the centre of the Old City of Palermo, Sicily, Italy, Europe

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 Famous city of history, culture, art, music and food, glimpse of Tyrrhenian Sea, scattered relics of Byzantine Empire, excellent Mediterranean weather, Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque churches, and architectural heritage of Palermo makes it the worthiest place to visit. Travellers come here for wine tastings, cooking courses and to relish art workshops distributed around the region. Ancient and historic monuments contribute to beautify the ambience to make it a unique piece of pie. From inventively applauded churches, old structure (Teatro Massimo opera house, Politeama theatre) to the artisan shops, from buzzing nightlife to the gastronomic culture all invite travellers to touch the shiny dust of Palermo.


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Picture courtesy: blogspot.com

Intrepid travellers roam around the tranquil city of Palermo and move towards Etna; they start exploring ancient craters, earth crust, soil, beautiful lava caves formed during earlier eruptions. They explore the recent lava flows while tasting honey and native wine. However, the city is also highly engaging and attracts visitors from across the world to witness the history of famous traditional churches. The old pristine churches are stylish and brimmed with Sicilian Baroque architectural extravaganza; it is astonishing to see damaged and destroyed frescos, stuccos and statues. Some of the chapels are in Renaissance style, and depicts valuable sculptures by Antonio and Giacomo Gagini. The city walls, magnificently paranoid castles/houses and museums are equally beautiful having the capability to throw you back in the 16th century. Your vividly meditative idyll become more and more settled as you dip yourself in the grandeur of castles and art houses here in Palermo!


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 Agrigento, Selinunte, Erice, Syracuse or other destinations in Sicily are some of the greatest attractions. Travellers love to visit Temple of Hera (Juno), plateau overlooking the sea in Agrigento, Greek temples in the Doric style and the largest Doric temple makes it a pure paradise for history explorers. The Cathedral, the Church of Martorana, Piazza Pretoria, and the Norman Palace encourage travellers to choose walking tours. In this way, travellers witness the urban land, downtown, epicentre of the Palermo and other secrets of the city while taking photographs of the sites. Domestic and international tourists come here to experience the vital forces of nature that live here since the beginning of the 16th century. No doubt, this impressively committed city will conjure a feeling of architectural wonder that will hopefully linger longer in your brain.

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