Marvellously Luminous Grandeur and Glory of Ancient Temples – Bangkok


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Marvellously luminous grandeur and glory of ancient temples, bustling city vibes, beautifully decorated food stalls, floating market, romantic inns, notorious red-light districts, looming parks, glimpse of Chao Phraya River delta, Thai hospitality, and a perfect city for travel and leisure, Bangkok is the most heart-throbbing city in Thailand. This multi-cultural, multi-coloured, night life oriented city makes it the finest travel destination of this world. This city is so thrilling that visitors cannot even ignore its shimmering streets, temples and cultural landmarks. The historic and incredible Grand Palace and traditional Buddhist temples including Wat Arun and Wat Pho are the top most attractions. Trendiest night clubs, lingering restaurants and ultimate cuisines allow people to taste the flavour of the place while experiencing the tradition and culture of music and art which are embedded in its grains of sand.\

Thai classical puppetry show (Aksra Hoon Lakorn Lek), Aksra Theatre, Bangkok, Thailand

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Thai classical puppetry show (Aksra Hoon Lakorn Lek), Aksra Theatre, Bangkok, Thailand

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There are many real attractions from puppet shows, theatrical concerts; temple of reclining Buddha, shrines and flowery parks that dissolves eternal serenity in the environment. Travellers wander around to know and learn more about Buddha, ancient mediation techniques, philosophy of Buddhism, eightfold path, path to enlightenment and spiritual freedom, yogic meditation, occult powers, Vipassana , Theravada tradition, monk and nun culture, and different kinds of yoga poses at the Wat Mahathat Temple that commands honour. The temple has meticulously carved stones and statues that are stunning and almost unforgettable. Most eastern and western travellers start meditating in the temple complex only to experience the vibrations and echo of deepest kind of meditation; they learn mediation techniques by learning Pali canons that are easily available in the region.  

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There are many superlative stupas in Bangkok that exhibits impressive ornate floral pattern festooned in porcelain and makes them ever so beautiful and enchanting. They have their own saga of grace and glory. To experience the incredible wonder, travellers love to roam around the city to encounter pioneering floating market, and buy fresh fruits, seafood and flowers. These floating markets are so enticing that travellers lose their hearts and engage in capturing pictures. To feel the colourful city vibes, travellers aimlessly wander across the criss cross area of Chinatown and relish local food items.

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