Exploring Paradigm-altering Spirit of Macau

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Glimpse of Pearl River Delta, bordered by Guangdong of Mainland, catered by South China, relics of Portuguese Empire, tradition of religion, churches echoing bells, fortresses ringing their own saga of grace and power, a perfect peninsula and a place where Chinese heritage shines above the horizon, it is none other than Macau. Phenomenology of vibrant civilization, gambling, money, opulence and reviving region attracts maximum number of people from across the world. Explorers come here to explore charming villages, Museum of Macau, churches, lakes, peninsula, amazing housing societies, and broad landscapes. Humid subtropical climate allows the bounce of vegetation as well as profound culture of flora and fauna. The incorporation of the Chinese as well as Portuguese cultures has dissolved a uniqueness which radiates through surprising festivals and events. Macau features many historical properties, statues, cultural images, churches, Portuguese relics, and Science Centre in the urban area for its avid travellers!

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When it comes to the uniqueness and diversity, people choose only Macau; they love to roam across the region to see Macau Science Centre, Fisherman’s Wharf, The Mandarin’s House, Ruins of St. Paul’s, and Giant Panda Pavilion that are ancestral and stunning when encountered in their natural habitats. This is an elegant heaven in the middle of Mainland; it boasts some of the most exclusive colonial-style houses, distinguished churches, influence of Portuguese on the cultural sites and other architectures that are enough to dazzle the hearts of travellers.

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Children love to move around the ferry boats to see the alleyways, pretty gardens, and amazing statues, rural islands of Taipa and Coloane and much more in Macau. Hiking and cycling enthusiasts directly approach to the Taipa and Coloane Island to explore the rustic charm and carry out adventure activities. Macau is also popular for delicious cuisine culture and rich restaurants bars; travellers love to taste native food, Portuguese wine, while having rice and noodle dishes. The region is excitingly spectacular and smile sprinkling that is hard to forget; shifting tones of streets and casino vibes are simply larger than life. So indulge yourself in the spirit of Macau to alter your paradigm through the elegant cinematography of legendary Nature.

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