Dwindling through the Pulse-pumping Sea Front City – Pula

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All about the Roman amphitheatre, marks of dinosaurs, sea front city culture, empire of sun, sand and shine, reverberating town, native pizza, seafood, and grill, lively rocks, crabs, tides and nearby island beauty expounds the treasure of puzzling Pula. The utter variety of bizarre sea life and wildlife on display hijacks the mind of explorers; the life size powerbroker landscapes are enough to lure the holidaymakers. Mild climate, silky sea, and unharmed nature, relics of Bronze Age, Roman arena, fall of the Western Roman Empire, and the geographical traits make it the best place to touch and feel. Travel hungry people reach the sea front city to know more about the power and sparkling of Temple of Roma and Augustus which is the hot famous place here in Pula. The ancient city is full of natural attractions and boasts some of the most best known buildings that are still breathing and asking for utmost attention; travellers visit outlandish ancient Roman buildings, villas, sanctified temples, 1st-century amphitheatre, and much more while relishing with their family.


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Pula, 15.07.2012 - Jaki valovi razveselili kupace

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The overpowering land is vastly acclaimed for olive oil and sandy beaches that surround the countryside; the view of the Adriatic and the neighbouring hot spots are highly charming and ignites passion in beach lovers to explore the sea species and swim with the star fishes. People enjoy beach games while exploring the hideouts for secret lovemaking; the nudist beaches are highly renowned for wandering and snorkelling that gives sumptuous feelings of self satisfaction.


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Travellers choose breathless walking and chasing tours to visit utterly predictable each and every monuments and ancient architectures while dwindling around the narrow streets. The city features extensive fishing spots, restaurants, barracks, wreck dives, cliff diving, and swift sailing to untouched coves and sacred islands distributed around the region; travellers visit museums, aquariums, fortresses and rich political historic architectures that helms them to a boundless era.


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Novalja, 29.06.2014 - Nulti dan popularnog Hideout festivala u Novalji na Pagu

Picture courtesy: likecroatia.com

 Small in size, this holy city is an exhilarating land crammed full of varied ethnic culture to explore, from bustling shops to the enchanting architectures. And it’s not all coastline juncture; the other attractions are equally breathtaking. Party lovers and newly wedded couples saunter together to have some intimate moments under the shadows of famous Roman architectures and impressive elegance of nature. So instead of desensitizing your fervour, visit this pulse pumping city to stare through the orchestrated drama of nature.

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