Elegance of Natural Wonders and Charisma of Shiny Sand – Cayman Island


Picture courtesy: cheapcaribbean.com

Long crescent shaped coral-sand beaches, epitome of an island getaway, ultimate Caribbean destination, and hub for diving, swimming and partying, this is an exotic mass of pastry – Cayman Island. Peaks of a massive underwater ridge, submerged hills, expanse of flora and fauna and beauty of Tropical marine climate makes the region eye pleasing; travellers from across the world straddle here to see the elegance of natural wonders and charisma of shiny sand on the beaches. The green carpet adds extra beauty to the region and makes it a true splice of land and water; the region boasts great adventure activities and encourages people for parasailing, snorkelling, and reef exploration. Nearby towns, villages and beach attractions altogether makes enthralling panorama for visitors so that they can submerge their souls in its piousness that cannot be challenged even by the angels of heaven.


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Picture courtesy: mjsailing.com

Explorers and divers not only stroll along the lengthy beaches for that exuberance of fresh air, but also follow stingrays that roam here exclusively for their prays. Ironshore landscape of Hell and hiking trails through the forests are quite inspiring; families love to take pictures of the vistas while partying on the weekends. The 360 degree views of the region are enough to stun the visitors; explorers also find the hot spots where they can kayak easily and have ultimate fun. There are many sites that ask divers to explore the underwater extravaganza which is nothing short of furious excitement. Harbours, sunset points, cliffs, reefs and hills are sure to intrude your dreams; visitors visit the famous restaurants and hotels that offer affordable holiday packages as well as native food.

A woman walks along Seven Mile Beach with three cruise ships anchored in port in George Town, Cayman Islands

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 Squirrelfish, rare sponges, Goliath groupers, urchins, are the real protagonist here and give unbridled performance when watched them in their natural habitats. This kingdom of heaven lies at an ideal location that cannot be mimicked even by the shapers of this world. When you look closer, you will see that Cayman Island declares its own natural rules, and enforces them through its splendid locations. For the eventual singsong and play, this is a perfect fantasy escape from the polluted life of cities.

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