Peeping Into the World of Beaches & Laboratory of Nature – Kyrenia


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Northern coast of Cyprus, historic harbour and castle, symbols of the Ottoman Empire, spectacular harbour, an icon museum and superior wooded hills enchants about the genuine spectacle of Kyrenia. The streets are loaded with food, art and historical monuments that attract maximum number of travellers from the Cypurs. People from different regions come here to enjoy the harbour location as well as the nearby splendid architecture of an ancient castle; which has a great past and built by the Byzantines in the 7th century. It is highly beautiful and radiates its rich past. As Kyrenia enjoys an exclusive Mediterranean climate, it boasts super stunning environment that is inhabited by lush green mountain ranges and hill sides. There are plenty of spots to roam with family and companions; the beaches and water activities are highly famous here in Kyrenia; in fact, it is dwelling to a great range of flora and fauna, which makes it even more illustrative and fantastic.


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 Travellers love to walk around the fresh water springs, villages and town that features amazing hill side sights, historic buildings, and a perfect setting for nature lovers; families drift here to have the best time and have fun miles away from bustling of the cities. The spectacular trees, herbs, plants and greenery lure the travellers; they even move towards the beaches (Acapulco Beach, Escape Beach,) that ask people to soak sun and waves while enjoying the local food (mainly kebab, Lahmacun, Manti, Kofte, Molehiya).


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These never-so-fictional fully adorned beach locations are highly famous because of the generous setting and superior line of restaurants and bars. Children love to swim, dive and surf with their parents in the crystal clear water. The beaches are lively and supports kayaking and canoeing that are highly mesmerising.

Travellers also visit enduring Baldoken Graveyard & St Andrews Church, museums and other architectures that are century old and rest in the finest nearby hotels that are known to offer the finest amenities to their guests. Most of the decorative hotels are situated in the downtown area and boasts gorgeous views so that guests can relish the authentic food as well as scenic view of city contours in the night.

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