Exploring Untainted Charm and Rural Environment in Nicaragua

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Ultimately sun-drenched beaches, water-dipped sand, colonial architecture, multi-ethnic population, relics of Spanish Empire, biological diversity, warm tropical climate, volcanic hills, fertile valleys, Pacific lowlands, the Amerrisque Mountains, national parks, and nature reserve inspire people to straddle in and around the fantastic region of Nicaragua. Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua as well as surrounding forests and valleys punctuate the overall beauty of the region; the region is highly charismatic when it comes to untainted charm and rural environment. The wide span of natural charm encourage extensive tourism in the region; even people to Honduras and Costa Rica come here to take rest and amplify their feelings and wash their souls. The Atlantic Lowlands, the North-Central Highlands and the Pacific Lowlands are known for their distinctive climatic conditions as well as the ability to purify the conscience. Not only nature lovers hit the roads and valleys of Nicaragua, but also the peace makers hurtle here to bring new definition of peace and serenity in the market.

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Nicaragua is the best travel destination and people come here all year round to sense rainy and dry season, as both showcase distinctive traits. The country offers a great number of landscapes and cultural activities for its travellers so that they can have a pocket full of experiences. Visitors visit – the Rubén Darío National Theater, historical buildings, nearby attractions, old churches, colourful markets, and other monuments that are unique and entertain its worshippers.

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 The region is famous for great wildlife and flora, which is nicely preserved in the region under the shades of forest reserves. Outdoor enthusiasts worship this region, as it offers extensive opportunities for them from fishing, golf, canopy tours, to boating; these fun-filled and exciting activities are simply memorable and allow them to enjoy the neighbouring spectacular countryside and dense rain forests.

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 When it comes to glittering waters, Nicaragua hits the chart; it has all kinds of extensive wild and roaring beaches; these places are abundant refuge for the families. The unbelievable Pacific Coast as well as Caribbean Coast offers great opportunity for the people so that they can enjoy the best time. The famous beaches are Montelimar, San Juan del Sur, La Flor, La Boquita; these are the perfect paradise for sunbathers and avid swimmers.

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