Showcasing the Shadows of the Gothic, Renaissance, & Baroque Period – Warsaw

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Sheen of Vistula River and Baltic Sea, power of Carpathian Mountains, greenery in bowl, seat of a Roman Catholic archdiocese, turbulent history, picturesque Old Town, grand royal palace, gardens and parks, and enriching Market Square, palaces, churches and mansions, this place is none other than Warsaw. Historic in its sense and modern in its fame, this region is known across the world for architectures that showcase the grotesque shadows of the gothic, renaissance, baroque and neoclassical periods. Traditionally significant heartland of the Masovian Plain and humid continental climate attracts historians as well as nature lovers.

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This greenest metropolis is widely popular for its prominent symbols of socialist architecture, which are rare and unique. Delicate and ethereal Art Nouveau architecture and beautifully weaved modern-glass skyscrapers tower makes the region worth visiting and travellers love to see the relics of World War II. Clubs, famous bars and restaurants thumps the excitement of nightlife of Warsaw to make it even more hedonistic and culturally vibrant.

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Travellers take walking or cycling tours to explore the street culture as well as the Old Town and New Town. Alleys, squares, and comfortable cafes create the greatest sense of uniqueness in the visitors and they also catch the nearby tourist attractions in the city. To see the lifestyles of Polish rules, people visit royal residences, momentous historical monuments that are the prime highlights of Warsaw. The nearby gardens are highly romantic and dissolves a smoke of fun, laughter and enjoyment that blossoms with flowers and buds; the resonating history generates a sense of awe and inspiration. Families visit the most astonishing Old Town Market Square, historic fortifications, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Krasiński Palace, and Carmelite Church that are highly beautiful and ancient.

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The wilderness region of the Warsaw near Vistula River is abundant and the best place to experience forest, meadows, wetlands and Forest nature reserve; even wild flora and fauna can be easily spotted in the region. Zoological Garden, bounded by greenery is also a major source of attraction that binds its visitors; children love to see the exotic species of birds, reptiles and tropical fishes that roam around in their own way.

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