Sensing Colourful Combination of Avant-Garde Style & Super Energetic Culture in Valencia

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Colourful combination of ultra-modern style, super energetic culture and unbeatable Mediterranean spirit, mild climate, signature dishes, unspoilt beaches, land of sun, water and wine, gigantic sculptures and festive surrounding makes the region of Valencia much more enticing. This city of art and science is famous for its monuments, nightlife, beautiful parks, flat areas, river vicinity, Mediterranean Sea views, soulful beaches, and cohesive heritage. Families love to explore the region to know more about the culture and history of Valencia through bike tours; they visit the interactive Science Museum, a Planetarium, an IMAX cinema, an Aquarium to improve their travelling experience. In fact, it is a perfectly firm region for seamless strolling during day and night time while enjoying the famous rice dishes, authentic Valencian Paella and fishes.

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Kits Beach, Vancouver

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Travellers locate the convincing setting of tangible beaches of Las Arenas, Malvarrosa and El Cabañal, which are highly qualitative and engineered to provide extensive fun to its visitors. The wildest beaches are itself preserved by nature and its integral elements. Couples enjoy the sun, and waves while lying on the sand; they enjoy the glory of sand, diving into the refreshingly flirtatious waters of the Mediterranean and build sand castles with children. Adults play beach volleyball and take a pedal boat to experience the gorgeous vistas; the endless beaches foster incredible beach activities here in Valencia.

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For insurmountable still mountains, stretched horizons, unfathomable gorges and glorious natural beauty, voyagers approach Hot springs (not far away from the city), which is still the most unexplored part of this region. People also enjoy the celebrated bed of the mischievous River Turia, which runs in an attractive manner giving awesome landscape vistas and sunrise views. The fascinating natural areas including the Albufera Natural Park are one of the hottest attractions for visitors.

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Old passionate towns, shimmering streets, dynamic nightlife and fun-filled atmosphere allow visitors to experience the distinctive lifestyle of the vibrant city. The city shows the influence of roman and medieval culture through its set of landmark monuments. The museum is full of artefacts and other presentations featuring the history of Valencia. Visiting this never so murky carnival of optimism is one of the best ways to relish the meditating beauty of nature in the heart of Valencia.

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