Indulgence of a Tropical Climate & Magnificence of Atlantic Coastline- Sierra Leone

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Indulgence of a tropical climate, west coast of Africa, high mountains, extensive drainage basin, blessings of Moa River, magnificence of Atlantic coastline, unending parade of rain-forested plains and farmland and bountiful marine resources, make Sierra Leone the most favourite tourist attraction. Travellers aimlessly roam in the region in pursuit of the Heritage and Historical Sites, rich history, old churches and beautiful layouts, notable influence of the Nova Scotians, powerful stone architecture, ancient Portuguese Steps, and south western coast, which are self-descriptive and meditating. The region is blessed, peaceful and enveloped with ever so beautiful forest and savannah where birds, chimpanzees and elephants play and have fun. Diverse range of hills, valleys, swamp areas and wildlife makes the region sacred when it comes to the natural kingdom. Avid explorers reach the Turtle Island, which is idyllic and packed with villagers indulge in fishing and hunting.

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Most people take speedboats to watch the rare bird species, endangered marine life as well as flourishing animals that accentuates the facets of Sierra Leone. Moa and Mano Rivers are highly animated and preserves the relics of past; swimmers try backstroke when they reach its depths. Shallow coastal wetlands, joyful coastal belt of mangrove swamps, wooded hills, upland plateau, and creeks altogether handles a great variety of flora, which have their own way of living. Life-altering Kangari Hills Forest Reserve is known across the world for sheer versatility of forest life. Tingi Hills also preserves wide-ranging flora and fauna so that explorers can have ultimate time in the region for that timeless fun.

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Families reach Banana and Tiwai Island which is highly accessible and offers incomparable natural beauty, and water activities as well as vast range of accommodation options so that people can enjoy and rest whole day long. Rural settings are breathtaking and showcase world class astonishing vistas that are tranquil and remarkable; no doubt, it will generate great cravings in you to seek the natural treasures for ultimate contentment.

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Families love the local food and foodies never forget to taste local crabs, plant-based dishes, lobsters, oysters, etc. So if you want to savour the real beauty, then just wake up before the sunrise and mindfully sense the atmospheric surrounding (light, sound, wind, and physical molecules) that can trigger a happy state of mind. Happy travelling!

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