Listening to the Carols of Sea Water in Neil Island—Andaman Island

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Never ending coral beaches, beaches all around, secluded spots, carols of sea water at the time of sunset; this is highly beautiful Neil Island; it is a still spot that unwinds itself if you try to touch its texture with your fingers. Its bracelet like endless shorelines are rich and flawlessly glows, displaying sultry yet unhurried pace of life here on Neil Island; travellers love to scroll through the pleasant towns that welcomes its guests. The native bazaars have smooth vibes and are a prominent get-together spot in the early night. Travellers often come here from the nearby Port Blair, Sitapur, Bharatpur and Lakshmanpur. Bharathpur Jetty, Havelock Island, Coastal Cruise and ferry rides are highly popular in the region. Exploring the Island is one of the most stunning ways to know about its extravagant beauty; the Natural Bridge, mainland, Ramnagar beach, lovely sunrise and sunsets are highly breathtaking.

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Travellers follow the rays-bearing sun and move to the hot famous sunset point; where they experience the height of hummock and enjoy on the hammock. There are many spots that Neil Island protect, preserve and promote and are good for wonderful snorkelling, swimming and other water sport activities; swimmers explore the underwater caves in the region and also choose private rides for amazing experience.

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Children and women collect a great variety of sea shells and conches that are unique and beautiful; children enjoy the fruit juices while sensing playful atmosphere around the island. If you are a fish lover, then this island is a perfect paradise; you can discover a great amount of fishes and coral colonies while swimming and snorkelling; you can take the help of experienced divers and have the superlative experience in front of divine existence.

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The fruit-bearing bazaars are the primary attractions here on the Neil Island; they are loaded with shops, cafes and restaurants that offer conventional Indian and seafood that is highly tasty as well as spicy too. There are many beach front resorts that offer high quality rooms and food to the travellers so that they can enjoy and rest with their family and companions; most of the resorts are vastly decorative and designed to provide unmatched comfort to the people. There are many learning resources in this region that can change the meaning of your life and encourage you for the greatest pursuits. So just simplify your meditation technique and sense the serenity of natural matinee around you.

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