Touch of the Baltic Sea & Breathtakingly Gorgeous Places- Saint Petersburg

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Touch of the unmistakable Baltic Sea and the bouncy Neva River, breathtakingly gorgeous and marvellous places, unmissable twilights, the most beautiful historic centre, extensive range of canals dotted with baroque bridges, and the Romanov Dynasty, calls worldwide travellers to enjoy their vacations in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Voyagers from different parts of the world come here to experience the oldest but brightest collections of art, treasure, and antiquities as well as shores of the Neva Bay and Gulf of Finland. The array of beautiful buildings and monuments are highly enchanting and transport you to a meditative world of overpowering Russian Kingdom. This gem city vibrates in day and night with the super class lifestyle and attitude of magnitude; family travellers enjoy the lavish art architecture, untamed nightlife, an surprising history and wealthy cultural traditions; no doubt, this is the most exotic and shining place to wander and savour.

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From calm religious sites, hotels, cathedrals, monasteries, markets, castles, to buzzing urban ambience, as well as super stunning museums holds the heart and soul of travellers; the surrounding eclectic atmosphere, The Hermitage (The Winter Palace), The Mariinsky Theatre, other cultural institutions, musical theatres, native canals and rivers, and Peterhof are the highly sensational and memorable.

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Families come here to witness legendary coherent architectural beauty and romance that cannot be found anywhere else; they often choose boat rides to explore the region and appreciate its beauty. To see the Saint Petersburg from different angles, people also choose walking and cycle tours. The nearby imperial palaces and parks are sumptuously classic and reflect pure eternal bliss.

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St. Isaac’s Cathedral & Colonnade are perfectly perched to magnetize its visitors; it knows the art of seduction; its mesmerizing beauty and architecture are enough to stun artists; the superlative and crispy sculptures, semi precious stones sand low-rise skyline are dazzling and encourage people to look into the rich history of the Russian Empire. The dramatic Peter & Paul Fortress and emperor’s cabins are highly stunning and exhibit the spectacular charm in its own way. Authentic medieval charm of St. Basil’s in Moscow leaves its lasting impression on the minds of visitors; it is the best place to know about the exuberantly colourful history.

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