Pure Mixture of Ancient and Modern Scottish Atmosphere – Edinburgh, Scotland

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Pure mixture of ancient and modern Scottish atmosphere, powerful castle, medieval relics, Georgian splendour and a influential layer of modern life, famous city of churches, museums and galleries, and the proximity of west coast of Scotland’s east Lowlands, this is the super thrilling region of Edinburgh. The landscapes are highly versatile and can amaze its explorers; worldwide travelling enthusiasts scroll through this area to experience the aroma of ancient castle, shopping boulevards, gardens and extinct volcanic crag that are ethereal and signature style of Edinburgh, Scotland. Mix of sunshine and rain makes the environment fresh, vibrant and above all picturesque; the iconic landmarks, festival surrounding, amazing tourist attractions involve highest number of worshipers. The land is sacred, beautiful, and peaceful and an ideal cream pie for the nature enthusiast.

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3Picture courtesy: visitscotland.com

Tim Bateman mountain biking on the Colorado trail, Colorado.

Picture courtesy: visitscotland.com

Both walking and cycling tours are hot favourite of the avid explorers; they simply admire sexy natural scenery, attention arresting architectures, mix food, world-class attractions, as well as beautiful coasts; the countryside is breathtaking and offer great opportunities for adventure enthusiasts. Adrenaline junkies and highly active people enjoy sea, hills and coasts; they also take part in cultural events.

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The stunning scenery of Edinburgh excite cyclists to take their cycles to reach far fetching coastal regions, hill trails, and other routes that are traffic free. There are many picture-perfect villages that are surprisingly rural and charmingly dynamic; moreover, the beautiful beaches and routes to castle are simply irresistible.

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The sheltered sea areas, dazzling and super hot beaches, as well as nice natural surroundings call people for surfing, diving and sea kayaking. Not only beginners, but also the professional water sports enthusiasts love this place as they see the incredible opportunity to enjoy impressive marine wildlife, whale adventure tours, and the vicinity of Belhaven beach. The coastline is accessible and encourages for non-stop leisure activities and experiencing the velvety caricature of clouds and cliffs.

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