Shadow of Highly Celebrated Cultural & Economic Hub & A Broad Range of Architectural Heritage – Dhaka

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Highly celebrated cultural and economic hub, a broad range of architectural heritage, signature of the Buddhist kingdom, Mughal Empire to the British Colonial buildings, and a string of significant national monuments and structures, this is an enchanting land of Dhaka. Dhaka is known across the world because of its noble glaring monuments, mosques, tombs, colourful glitzy streets, amusement parks, fortifications and frenetic places that is highly beautiful. The consciously generous region is popular for its medieval glory and rich past that cannot be explained in words. The Buriganga River, tropical savannah climate, moist soil, zoo as well as National Botanical Garden are some of the most popular and beautiful things in Dhaka. Travellers navigate the intellectually forcing region in search of peace and beauty and experience the heavenly abode near Ramna Park, Suhrawardy Udyan, Shishu Park and Crescent Lake as well as Dhanmondi Lake.

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People love to scroll around the inspiring strings of river banks and capture the bright images of ferries, yachts, and paddle steamers that look ultra stunning during sunset. People often choose cycle-rickshaws to spot the famous places here in Dhaka; they visit several broader spectrums of religious sites such as Baitul Mukarram Mosque, Chawk Mosque, highly active old bazaars, Buddhist temples, and Curzon Hall as well as other architecturally beautiful building distributed all across the region.

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Self-exposing old forts, Lalbagh Mosque, Hammam of Nawab Shaista Khan, numerous museums, parks and monuments make the region much more travel worthy. Because of all these stunning, the region has become sacred and holy for the travellers. The wealth of travel attractions and natural wonder amplify the radiance of Dhaka and collectively make it a vital piece to enjoy and worship. This never-dim land has everything to mesmerize its guests with its ultimate and explicitly philosophical architectural cavalcade of extravaganza as well as innocent intimacy of chic environment.

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Travellers also visit dedicated outlets, multi-story complexes, handicraft shops, as well as shopping malls that are quite exciting, genius and wonderful; children love to skip in the parks while rejoicing the unbridled beauty treasure and credibility. People even enjoy Bangladeshi food and other famous cuisines in the well-established food outlets. If you want to stimulate your feelings through ripple effects and re-kindle your imagination about the lost legend, then the resonance of Dhaka is the best option.

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