Touching the Sparkling and Pure Areas Of Hanoi

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A charming and peaceful merge of East and West, genteel style of living, an ideal heart and soul of Vietnam, widely distributed hangout spots, stunning broad boulevards and French-inspired architecture, and quite breathtaking remnants of history, this is the famous land of Hanoi, Vietnam. Hanoi is as sacred as God’s grace and as shimmering as night lights; it is a buzzing place where Gods and Angles rest and play their games in the atmosphere that is overflowing with abundance. The region is vastly known for Dong Xuan Market, ancient citadels, Buddhist temples, beautiful lakes, lovely parks, harmonious Vietnamese culture, and tranquil parks; explorers always look to explore the most untouched areas of Hanoi that are sparkling and pure.

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This is a proudly preserved region that is engineered to elevate the passion of travellers; people from around the globe come here to sense the sensibility of religious environment and peaceful surroundings. From imperial citadel to the super impressive greenery, this region is perfectly blessed to pamper the spirit of visitors; the intriguing relics and other symbols are sure to engage the most furious visitors to Hanoi. Children have their best time here as they reach the world famous and animated Water Puppet Theatre walking through the narrow streets, which is known for ancient art form of water puppetry. In fact, it is world renowned and attracts maximum intrepid voyagers.

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Ho Chi Minh Museum In Hanoi, Vietnam

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When it comes to the incredible landmark of Vietnamese history, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum stands upright exhibiting its history and ancient past. This place is more than any other tourist attraction in Hanoi. Voyagers also reach the perfect Perfume Pagoda, which is a spectacular temple complex. It is quite mesmerizing and radiates the vibes of religious traditions and ancient past. The nearby Buddhist temples are richly decorated and provide the best experience to the people; carved alleyways, rocks, forest, and greenery are highly memorable and leave you stunned.

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Nature lovers penetrate the Ba Vi National Park, which is limitless and beautiful; it holds a great variety of flora and fauna as well as the mountains are vastly engaging for the hikers as well as adventure enthusiasts.

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