2 Regions to Experience Exceptional Sunrise and Sunset

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Huge wine-growing area, mesmerizing sunset point, doorstep to the finest valley, famous place to walk and cycle, hot air balloons on the horizon as well as sparkling cuisines, this is the most famous Yarra Valley in Australia. Yarra Valley is known for Yarra River, rich soil, fertile grasslands, Port Phillip Bay and inaccessible bushland; travellers drift here to experience the thriving wine growing industry as well as ushering breeze that is the signature of this region. The region is renowned for wonderful glimpse of sunrise as well as sunset; people come here to see the diminishing sun and empowering sanctuary. In fact, it is one of the best regions to watch Australian wildlife thriving like nothing else; Healesville Sanctuary is a famous hot sport to see the rolling native wildlife activities.

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Mt Buller 2003, Photo Mark Ashkanasy.Picture courtesy: australianalpineresorts.com

Most travellers love to visit the astonishing Lake Mountain Alpine Resort, which is a prime centre of attraction here in Yarra Valley. The region is renowned to provide fun and adventure all year round, while explorers submerge themselves in exhilarating dynamics of tube run. It is a spectacular place for cross-country skiing.

Mozambique, Africa

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Long exhaustive and invigorating Indian Ocean coastline accentuated with straddling beaches, greatly swelling marine parks, cinematography of colonial-era ruins, popular diving destination, self-assured meditation of inland hills and impeccable low plateaus; this is the stunning land of Mozambique, Africa. Mozambique is world renowned destination for nature lovers; it offer everything from provocative rugged highlands, enriched wildlife, bravado of Shire highlands, Angonia highlands, expansive woodlands, lowlands, rivers, to shimmering lakes as well as rebooting historic heritage sites.

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Mozambique boasts exclusively dramatic natural environment as well as exceptional beach beauty that attract travellers from across the world. This is the perfect place for the divers, scuba divers as well as swimmers; they find the most secluded spots to have ultimate fun and unbridled adventure. Even the long chain of self-champion mountains is equally breathtaking and provides maximum thrill to the thrill seekers.

It is a prompt place for sun seekers and families who want to capture scenic lookouts and hideouts, encounter wild flowers, experience fresh ocean vibes, and touch wet sand. Sweeping inspirational vistas are highly appealing, authentic and vibrating.

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