Twin Romantic Regions for Corporeal Romance

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The oldest European city in the Americas, first seat of the Spanish colonial empire, rich historic and captivating cultural heritage, old Victorian houses and charming tree-lined streets and the buzz of Caribbean, this is the perfect jolt and thrill inducing region of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo is a great place to explore the past of Victorian era, ancient restaurants, casinos, shopping streets, palm-lined boulevards and old monuments that are nicely sculpted to invade your consciousness; families come here to experience diverse culture, tropical climate, bustling city, and get lost on the Colonial Zone where the old architectures have their own fable of grace and fortitude.

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Families love to stroll around the water-front boulevards while savouring the Chinese, Italian and Mediterranean to Brazilian cuisines; they also penetrate through the dense parks and impressive cliffs overlooking the coastlines. There are many impressive villas, museums such as Alcázar de Colón, Naval Museum of the Atarazanas and Museum of the Casas Reales. Families enjoy their time here while meditating in the parks, and relax along the coastal parks thinking about the moon, stars and other galaxies.

Punta Cana

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Long stretch of beaches and clear waters, extravagant land, powerful blend of Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, sexy beaches of Cabeza de Toro, and the Bávaro; tropical wet and dry climate entails about the legacy and potency of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Punta Cana is known because of its romantic atmosphere which is highly authentic and excites honeymooners to know each other and add the natural elements in their relationships.

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The beaches are highly friendly and allow people to stroll around while viewing the amazingly wonderful sea landscapes. People discover the new threads of romance and love making here while experiencing the colonial heritage, which dominates the ethics of Punta Cana. Global voyagers extend their boundaries to reach here for pure meditation and sense the pulses of nature. Saona Island is one of the most vibrating region that ignite passion in the travellers to encounter wild fishes, breeding turtles, jumping dolphins, dancing palms as well as giggling sands. Scuba divers touch the deepest placid layers of water to experience the pin drop silence and swings of marine life.  

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