2 World famous Regions that demands Attention & Commands Beauty

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One of the most populous urban agglomerations in the world, world famous economic, cultural centre, located on the northwest coast of Java, and the expanse of Jakarta Bay, this is a renowned region of Jakarta. Jakarta is known for the inlet of the Java Sea, which provide super sexy vistas of sailors and fishes jumping towards the sky to ask about their origination. The region of low, flat basin, river flow system, tropical monsoon climate, Lapangan Merdeka, presidential palace, sea areas, and Jakarta Bay itself is enough to attract travellers from across the world. Families drift in this region of fresh air to experience the world class gothic cathedrals, famous landmarks, museums, roads as well as stunning streets, which are nothing short of ethereal thrill.

Merdeka Square view from Gambir Station

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Jakarta Cathedral

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The region of Jakarta is hot famous amongst visitors because it caters some of the most attractive elements on earth from electric Chinatown, eclectic promenades, ancient monuments as well as hawker corners serving the most mouth-watering Chinese and Japanese cuisines and seafood. Visitors also witness the elegance of palace and gardens, shopping malls as well as the harbour area that is hotspot for the families and worldwide vacationers.

Falkland Islands

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A place where nature has the administration, in its own hands, a region where God cares and angles team together to have ringa-ringa-roses and an area where wildlife and nature cannot be tangibly separated; this is a pious land of Falkland Islands. Falkland Islands is the world’s most beautiful places where travellers come to experience the majestic power of South Atlantic Ocean, flowery aroma, large grasslands, flawless horizon, land and water vicinity, and the shy yet surreal beauty of archipelago. Travellers roam around the stunning white beaches while savouring the famous seafood which makes it the best place to relax and rejoice.

11Picture courtesy: falklandislands.com

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Worldwide photographers come here to see the frequent behind-the-scenes parade of penguins and seabirds, which cannot be spotted anywhere else on earth. The island expanse in itself is quite exciting as travellers can see South Atlantic Ocean, and the Patagonian Shelf, which are responsible for creating super sexy and ornamental natural harbours.

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