2 Worth-Visiting Regions to Attain Evolutionary Spiritual Enlightenment

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The rich tapestry of the Guiana Highlands, natural spiritual leader, concentrations of ancient rocks, endless canvass of savannah spreads, the region of super dazzling Canaima National Park, highly elevated sites and the most unusual landscapes of the world, this is the native region of Gran Sabana, Venezuela. Valuable sought after land of Gran Sabana is brimmed with great rushing rivers, fest of never so illusory waterfalls and fissures like gorges, eve so dark & deep and vast valleys, never ending jungles, as well as extremely wonderful  varieties of plant species, and ultimately a diverse fauna. Travellers visit here to freely fly under the effects of sun, wind and natural vistas; the tranquil region is forcing the traveller to lose their soul here.

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Families love to roll in the dialogues of cosmic savannah and vastly exposed terrain that are worth time spending; leisure travellers plan their trip accordingly to spend some time here for spirit rejuvenation, evolutionary enlightenment and spiritual upliftment.  

The soulful revelation of region is highly thought-provoking and is blessed with the most pious elements of nature that altogether makes an award-winning & emphasizing surrounding that cannot be challenges by any other piece of land on earth. If you are seeking life-changing awakening, then Gran Sabana is one of the most exciting places to wander.  


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Farol da Barra no fim de tarde, Salvador

Picture courtesy: photoshelter.com

Farol da Barra, Salvador

Picture courtesy: photoshelter.com

One of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas, large influence of the slaves, hot Portuguese colonial architecture and historical monuments, tropical rainforest climate and the ethereal view of Farol da Barra Lighthouse, this is the most peaceful land of Salvador. Travellers from across the world sail here in their spiritual pursuit; they purify their souls and gauge them to achieve the highest level of enlightenment, even spiritual gurus appreciate the region and its buzzing ambience.

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Cultural and religious charm, famous skyscrapers, elevating neighbourhoods, unlimited coastlines, All Saints Bay are some of the most vibrant elements that makes the region sparkling. People love swimming, sailing, diving here near Porto da Barra Beach; they also enjoy nearby small towns and cities that have their own identity and richly famous throughout the world.  

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