Exploring 2 naturally bestowed Regions that are hidden

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The largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, treaty of Gulf of Trieste and the Kvarner Gulf, elevation of the Učka mountain ridge, and negotiation of rivers and bay areas, this is the most amazing land of Istria, Croatia. Istria is one of the most sought after tourist destinations for global travellers; its popular towns of Umag and Porec are the most fabulous and exciting when it comes to family vacations. People observe a strong Italian influence in art and culture of Istria; of course,  it is a highly stunningly sultry region of Croatia both along the coast and inland. Worldwide explorers come here to witness the amazing hilltop towns, Labin/Albona, Umag/Umago, whole Kras plateau, and southern edges of the Vipava Valley, which is elaborated, noble and curvy.

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Families love to travel in the ancient cities to experience old churches, well-preserved Roman amphitheatres, gardens, cultural centres and museums; the region is bestowed with incredible beauty traits that shows the glimpse of Croatian culture. Fairy tales and fantasy literature comes to life here, as the region has the convulsive beauty and video games like surroundings! So feel the heat of mystery, adventure, thrill, and romance in Istria.   


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Island in the Adriatic Sea, located off the Dalmatian coast, rugged background of limestone and dolomite, large fertile coastal plain, and the finest Adriatic sailing routes, this is none other than Hvar, Croatia. Hvar is one of the most exclusive and famous holiday retreats; the region is blessed with water, sun and peace; worldwide people explore the region of Hvar that gives the feeling of self satisfaction.

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People enjoy wonderfully decorated Gothic palaces, traffic-free streets as well as famous architectures; the region holds exclusive beauty of nature that is exceptional and blends lavender fields, olive trees, immaculate vineyards and the beauty of oasis.  

Hvar town is unique and offers great variety of tours to the foreigners; from boat excursion to beach sports, visitors can enjoy in a limitless manner for countless of hours. The landscapes are really soul stealing that encourages people to reach the ancient pine forest and olive groves.

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