Touching the Untouched Ningaloo Coast & Roaming Around Salzburg

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A place where reef meets the beaches, untouched expanse of barrier reefs, white sandy lagoons, fun and frolic of fishes, ballet dance of dolphins as well as tranquil water, this is the most famous region of Ningaloo Coast, Western Australia. Ningaloo Coast is a highly distinctive region when it comes to peacefulness, fringing coral reefs, whale shark, marine flora and fauna as well as abundance of water; this region is sure to offer complete peace of mind to the worldwide travellers. This spot has great reputation all across the world because of its dazzling and super exotic marine life. Travellers love to visit old coastal towns, experience native beauty and have breathtaking adventure in the water.

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The old salty fishing towns look picture perfect and encourage voyagers to see numerous fish varieties, while visiting rugged national parks and viewing tropical forests. Seasonal wild flowers, cliffs, gorges as well as lush greenery make the region highly memorable and elegant.

Romantic couples wander around the Monkey Mia to experience blue skies and full time sunshine, which cannot be compared; they also roam around to touch various sanctuary zones nestled here specially for the travellers.


Blick vom Kapuzinerberg auf die Altstadt mit Festung Hohensalzbu

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Gigantic fortresses and palaces, sophisticated museums and churches, decorative and spacious squares, lanes and streets, thrilling fountains, stone arches and statues, quaint passageways, extensive vistas of Eastern Alps, and super dazzling baroque architecture , this is the world renowned and ever so fascinating land of Salzburg, Austria. Travellers come here to see ice caves, Hohenwerfen Fortress, Salzach Valley, Hagen mountain ranges, stunning castle tavern, historic centres, and to enjoy cross-country skiing.  

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It is a great place for bicycling, mountain biking, hiking and paragliding as well as travellers gaze at the powerful rooftops of the church towers. The native catholic churches, ancient buildings, domes and baroque style architectures attract maximum number of visitors; people also enjoy the various landmarks of the city that are magnificent and intellectual. The River Salzach boasts some of the most beautiful vistas of the world. Collect your energy, organize your guts and explore the unexplored in the most elegant Salzburg…

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