Visiting the Most Amazing Cockatoo Island & Weird Willandra Lakes Region

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One of the Australia’s most fascinating historical sites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous junction of the Parramatta and Lane Cove rivers, unadulterated charm, untouched harbour vistas, this is the most famed Cockatoo Island, New South Wales, Australia. The atmosphere of Cockatoo Island is absolutely dazzling and engrossing; worldwide travellers love to stroll around the island to rejuvenate their heart and soul. The exceptionally dramatic region is accentuated with long-running dockyard and shipbuilding complex, and travellers enjoy a great number of events at the harbour area. Self guided tours are highly popular here and families enjoy the most breathtaking and sweeping views while straddling along the charm-imbued harbour.  

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Travellers often hire boats for the long peaceful and soulful ride to explore the island; vacationers enjoy the heritage, parklands, unique living landscapes, method of ship building as well as other maritime activities. Even kids enjoy the gestures and wonders of past when hopping around the region of Cockatoo Island.  

Willandra Lakes Region

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Region of ancient lakes, amazing and weird crescent shaped dunes, rituals of lake relics, and incredibility of the ancient sediments, this is the most strange region of the world – Willandra Lakes Region, New South Wales, Australia . The region is brimmed with extraordinary semi-arid landscapes that are highly fabulous and lake bed plains; travellers from all across the Australia amble here to experience the really awesome sand dunes, dense woodlands, sparse vegetation as well as salt-tolerant grasses; families love to meander here to witness the dry lake region and other spectacular regions that echoes in the dreamy region.

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Mungo NP

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Travellers talk to the tribal groups to know more about this beautiful context of the region, historic significance, ice age, lake history, semi-arid zones; they also spend their time here to see how wind carves the dunes and form amazing structures; no doubt the region is highly scenic because of the  dry lake basins and creeks. Leave all the unresolved issues on table and pack your bags for this memorable journey to Willandra Lakes Region…

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