Experiencing Ruined Sites of Ancient Period – Samarkand & Cusco, Peru

The Registran at sunset in Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Picture courtesy: islam.pictures

One of the oldest inhabited cities in Central Asia, the most famous city of modern Uzbekistan, known as the Crossroad of Cultures and the relics of the Bronze and Early Iron Ages, this is the exotic land of Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Avid explorers hit the meek region to see the big canvass of top monuments that are well preserved here; they visit the marvel of Registan Ensemble, Shirdor Medrese, glazed and unglazed buildings as well as ruined site of ancient and medieval Samarqand that are really unique and interesting. Families often come here to grasp the rich cultural heritage, facts of astronomical discoveries and other unique attractions of the region.

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Not only historians sail here, but also the people who have deep interest in archaeology; they visit the famous structural monuments, burial sites as well as ancient mosques that have stunning and marvellous minarets. No doubt, this region has many gorgeous mediaeval streets and historic buildings to observe and explore.    

Cusco, Peru

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A impressively promising city in south eastern Peru, mirror reflection of Andes, shadows of Urubamba Valley as well as mementos of Inca Empire, this is the most stunning region of Cusco, Peru. Adventure enthusiasts, history lovers as well as voyagers come here to touch the increasingly vital beauty of this scenic city with well preserved colonial architecture. The aesthetic region represents the prolific centre of indigenous Quechua culture in the Andes that is highly astonishing and curiosity-building. Tourists savour the ancient ruins as well as museums that expound the rich history and sites that have significant collection of art in harmony.

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As the theatrically sumptuous historical sites are not at all distantly situated, travellers choose walking tours to visit those sites; they visit their favourite markets, dine in the best restaurants and surf on the fastest rivers here in Cuzco. Of course, there are numerous heavy-weight sites to choose from; you can explore the age-old wonders of Peru to make your holiday exclusive and enjoyable.

There are many glamorous restaurants and hotels that offer reasonably priced, refreshing & mouth-watering dishes, cocktails, desserts, and local cuisines that are unmatched and can satisfy your taste buds. If you are a freaky food lover, then you can discover many restaurants offering roasted guinea pig, Peruvian dishes as well as other excellent variety of food.    

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