Experience Scenic Wonders and Exotic Paradise In Marlborough & Hakone

Cruise ship in Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand. Leaving Picton iPicture courtesy: newzealandtravel.org

A far-reaching network of coastal waterways, peninsulas as well as vibrating islands, an exciting vacation destination, known for sea-kayaking or scenic boat tours and magical knick-knack of coastal line, this is the roaring land of Marlborough in  New Zealand. This green region is completely green and swells heart and soul with magnetic vibes and fresh air; the region is known for hiking, bushwalking, kayaking, boating, exploring, and wildlife encountering. The region of Marlborough is also renowned for Dolphins, seals, shags, blue penguins that thrive here. There are thousands of reasons to visit Marlborough.  

2Picture courtesy: nztravelorganiser.com

3Picture courtesy: gorentals.co.nz

4Picture courtesy: tarquincruises.co.nz

5Picture courtesy: curiousanimal.com

In order to experience scenic wonders, natural toppings and exotic paradise in Marlborough, people move to the bush covered hills, tranquil bays as well as bright coves that smiles and swings in every season; travellers move through the area to uncover whaling history as well as award-winning wines and fresh produce. People savour the cherries, berries, stone fruit, crayfish, blue cod, snapper, and salmon that are highly delicious and memorable. The valley is great enough to foster vineyards and other vegetation that dazzle the region with natural bounty. It is untouched by tourism!

Marlborough region also boasts a nice range of lodging options to suit different needs and budget. Great rural retreats are finely perched in remote settings, and offers good opportunity to relax and have family fun. If you are interested in knowing thematic and narrative tones of Marlborough, then spend your vacations here…

Hakone, Japan

Pink flowers grace foot of Mt. Fuji

Picture courtesy: asiatravels.com.au

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8Picture courtesy: triquetra.co.uk

9Picture courtesy: blogspot.com

A mountainous area west of Tokyo, glittering of Shinto shrine, and mountain railway from Odawara to Gora, this is a lesser known region of Hakone, Japan. Worldwide people approach this relatively unknown region to witness Hakone-Tozan Cablecar, Hakone Ropeway, Hakone Sightseeing Ships, hot springs and Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, which is highly popular and beautiful. However, popularity hasn’t weakened its original charm.

10Picture courtesy: obviousmag.org

11Picture courtesy: wikimedia.org

The surrounding mountainous region offers great hiking opportunities to the outdoor enthusiasts; they hike around the Lake Ashi and follow the trails that take them to the heaven! The gorgeous region is family friendly and encourages people to discover the popular outdoor relaxation areas, small outdoor baths as well as relaxing, Japanese countryside. No doubt, the region is clean, green and peaceful; you can walk around to check out the most mesmerizing features of Hakone. If you want to delve the dramatic psychology of Hakone, then swing around here…

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