Are You Ready For Memorable & Enjoyable Travelling Experience? Visit – Port Douglas & Beqa, Fiji

Port Douglas, Australia


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A town in Far North Queensland, an hour’s drive north from Cairns, spectacular mosaic of coastal roads, hanging cliffs, overlooking vegetation, distributed reefs, border of rainforests, engaging tropical landscapes, this is the divine land of Port Douglas, Australia.



Travellers come here to savour the enchanting divinity, grace, holy nature, inspiring skies, Velvet Mountains, lurching corals as well as glorious wildlife; the simplicity and abundance of nature makes the region much more crispy and delicious. Voyagers come here to unfold the real layers of hedonism and pleasure that can only be expected in the realm of God. Inarguably, Port Douglas is a seductive region of Queensland that attracts tourists from all walks of life.


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People enjoy the restorative energy and refreshing breeze in Port Douglas; they not only visit the world heritage sites, but also the palm fringed beaches that are still untouched. To encounter wetlands, mangrove forest, buzzing biodiversity, families move towards the Daintree National Park; it is a place where nature rules and blossoms in its own way.


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The incredible natural beauty of the native forests is really enchanting and encourages people to meditate with the nature in order to touch the serene aura of ecosystem. No doubt, it is the most accessible and exciting place to spend romantic vacations…

Beqa, Fiji


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Bulky sharks, strange water ways, lush coral forests, mysterious lakes, exhilarating deep dives, and free-roaming fishes, this is the most exotic land of Beqa, Fiji. Beqa is an ideal island paradise for fish lovers, diving enthusiasts and water seekers; people come here to witness the heavenly beauty as well as to diminish themselves in the totality of nature.


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This is a hometown of tropical reef fishes as well as different varieties of sharks; not only intrepid voyagers dive here, but also the researchers and scientists who want to connect the dots between these fishes and the historic island. The region is perfectly safe, soul-stirring and thrilling for the nature lovers; it offers holistic diving and snorkelling experience when it comes to eco-tourism. You can experience the vibrant colours under water…


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You can dive with the professional divers who will accompany you for searching giant sharks near the shining reef and hidden coves. You can chase fishes and tortoises while strolling along the coastal villages here in Beqa. Want to escape the crowd? Come here to discover the lesser known spots…

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