2 Uncommon Regions to Check out – Comoros & Gabon

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A sovereign archipelago island nation, snapshots of Indian Ocean, length of Mozambique Channel, and the curtains of steep mountains to low hills, this is the smallest region of Comoros, Africa. Comoros is known across the world because of its sun-kissed archipelago island, ancient volcanic activities, Madagascar breeze as well as distinguished land formations. Travellers enjoy this region as it offers densely wooded mountains, multicultural nature, and patch of disappearing rainforests that are once the prime landmarks of this region.  The mountainous region features diverse ecology that attracts voyagers; it offers stunning well-dressed scenery, unusual but fanciful plants and uncommon animals that cannot be found anywhere else on this earth. Experience the power of hope, love and faith here…

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Most world-class travellers directly move to the self-revealing, easy to navigate, Comoros forest to encounter exotic beauty, endangered birds, lush greenery, moss, wet tropical conditions, salt tolerant trees, as well as great variety of lowland mangroves. You can celebrate solitude here whiling relaxing with the giant trees…

The narrative and episodic island also boasts rare orchids as well as abundant sea life (majestic whales, big sharks, big manta rays, sailfish, etc.) Travellers not only touch the shores, but also talk to the ethnic groups and other influential genre to know more about the rituals of Comoros Island. If you are preparing to write a fiction, then start from here…

Gabon, Africa

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Located on the west coast of Africa, heavily forested coastal terrains, pristine rain forest and rich biodiversity and the finest ecotourism destination, this is the most reinvigorating land of Gabon, Africa. Travellers love to experience Narrow coastal plains, hilly interiors, greater savannah land as well as widely distributed river plains and lagoons; voyagers reach here to catch the rain in the rainforests and enjoy the seaside safari. The sunrise and sunset walking safaris are highly popular in this region as it offers a greatly expansive wildlife around the region. No doubt, natural forces of Gabon persuade minds and allure souls…

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People encounter pristine beaches, rare bird species, flock of turtles, unique flora as well as the vast national park systems. Travellers enjoy sandy peninsula, tidal flats, sand stone domes, rope bridges, virgin beaches and forest elephants playing in mud. This region will surprise you and introduce you to feel the sensible appeal and aroma of Africa. Fantasy never stops here…

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