2 Transformational Regions To Visit Now – Natal & Minho Province

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A beautiful and affluent city on the Atlantic coast, Long Avenue along the shore and the dunes, crystalline waters of Maracajaú, city of Cashew, partial view of the neighbourhood Santos Reis  and remarkable view of Ponta Negra Beach, this is the most thrilling wonderland – Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Worldwide visitors saunter here to experience the unbridled beauty and glamour of the beaches that are highly heavenly; they explore the scenic regions to encounter the historical centre, ancient monuments and buildings, bridges, Metropolitan Cathedral; Forte dos Reis Magos as well as the sultry mermaid like Ponta Negra beach location. This is the sort of place that makes you realize all the magnificent things the city has to offer.

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Travellers love to run down to the star-shaped fortress that has very high significance in the city and on the chronicles of history. Forte dos Reis Magos is known across the world because of its incredible beauty and magical entrance; it is a great site to explore the colonial period.

To savour the mesmerizing sites of curvy and sexy beaches, people move towards the bridge over the Potengi River. Families enjoy famous landmarks, art galleries, local handcrafts, restaurants, utility shops, lengthy and sandy & sensational beaches, as well as sea proximity. Nothing is more enchanting than going on a stroll for no other reason than a fun time with your companion. 

Minho Province

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Emblematic Portuguese traditions, significant province of Portugal, substantial Celtic influences, amazing cultural traits, highly remote hiking villages, this is the super chic zone of Minho Province, Portugal. Minho Province is a great place to encounter duned beaches, wild surfing, ancient religious foundations, archaeological sites, green coast, and the river system. Sense the pace of life here in Minho …

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Travellers love to soak up the scenery while wandering around the flashing region of Minho coast; they explore the hidden mystic beauty, well preserved Portuguese ruins as well as Lima valley which is an absolutely memorable when it comes to the heavenly vistas. Get ready for once-in-a-lifetime experience…

The region is blessed with dreamy river scenes, vertical mountains, fast rolling famous vineyards, as well as national parks that are heroic and perform well on the natural podium. If you want to experience the dynamics of authentic nature, then feel the warmth of love and romance here in Minho.  Now, plan and have fun!  

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