2 Highly spectacular & picturesque regions to explore – Nagasaki & Puerto Montt

1Picture courtesy: nagasaki.com

The perfect and most enduring treasure-trove of extensive nature, vibrant culture and engaging history, a world famous lantern festival, quintessential Japanese scene, vicinity of cities of Isahaya and Saikai, and a major travel destination, this is none other than Nagasaki, Japan. Nagasaki is renowned for many natural and cultural attractions that makes it even more pleasurable. It is widely renowned for endless charm of neighbouring mountains, perfection region, ninja and samurai armour, old-fashioned western style, samurai history, as well as numerous memorial sites that attract visitors from across the globe. Travellers enjoy the spectacular views of Mount Inasa, gardens, Hashima, Dejima, Fukusai-ji, Gunkanjima and Atomic bomb museum that are utterly unforgettable and picturesque.  

2Picture courtesy: blogit.jamk.fi


Picture courtesy: upload.wikimedia.org

4Picture courtesy: visit-nagasaki.com

5Picture courtesy: nagasaki.com

Impressive and mysterious blueprints of cathedrals of Nagasaki are highly exclusive as they exhibit incredible brick construction and structure that cannot be missed; the gorgeous template of stone statues, medieval time’s sites as well as archaeological sites are really eye pleasing. Travellers enjoy the long walk to the Mount Inasa, which is quite popular in this region; they hike to the highest point in order to view the spectacular vistas of Nagasaki.


The very hopeful ubiquity of Nagasaki port, Omura Park, Old Samurai Warriors’ Houses, historical parks, Mt. Onidake, residential-style resorts and other native sites are beautifully gorgeous and engage foreign visitors.  

Puerto Montt, Chile

6Picture courtesy: shoretrips.com

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9Picture courtesy: f.tqn.com

A fastest growing city in the south of Chile, thermal springs, home to some of the most beautiful places, highly precious theatrical expressions of national parks, and lushly dense vegetation, this is an awe-striking and thrilling land of Puerto Montt, Chile. Puerto Montt is famous because it offer majestic peaks of the Andes, hidden lagoons, lakes, soft and swift climate, oceanic climate as well as lengthy assembly line of seaside elegance.

10Picture courtesy: assets.fodors.com

11Picture courtesy: cdn1.buuteeq.com


Picture courtesy: i.cbc.ca


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Travellers love to stretch their trip to Patagonia in order to sense the panoramic views; they enjoy camps on the picturesque Lake Llanquihue and relish the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park along with Osorno Volcano scenes. The vistas of this region are delivered in such as way that it never looks complicated; even you can attain Nirvana here…

Families love to take guided tours in order to see the legacy of colonial museums, evergreen fragrance of forest areas, reasonably intoxicating lake shores, Sea of Chiloé, Angelmo market, main city square, as well as other well-preserved sites that make the region stunning and enjoyable. Dauntless travellers veer here to have once in a lifetime moment; they not only relax here but also explore the remotest regions to chill out…

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