2 Astonishingly Splendid Regions to Discover – Busselton & Lugano


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A regional city in the South West region of Western Australia, an ideal Mediterranean climate, a perfect region for diving tours, a famous Busselton Jetty and underwater observatory, this is the great region of Busselton, Australia. Busselton is one of the hottest regions to explore tropical corals, warm water, underwater currents, glimpse of colourful fishes as well as north facing coastline that is simply engaging. The region is packed with lush green gardens, highly shady pine trees, perfect sea sides, immaculate beaches, calm water and amazing snorkelling spots that attract people to race and swing here in their own style.



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A crisp walk from the main beaches to the Busselton’s main street is highly appreciated; travellers marathon towards the highly attractive city boutiques, fashion designer, restaurants and  antique shops to have the best experience. It is also wise to take a tour to witness heritage, culture, architecture, explorers taste the huge array of local dishes in the restaurants while viewing the best beach front resorts in Busselton. Explore the most appreciated spots in Busselton…

No doubt, the calmness of this bay, whiteness of sand and green aura of lawns will leave you stunned and encourage you to spend your complete family vacation here. Experience, magic, energy and aura of natural excellence in Busselton…

 Lugano, Switzerland

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A bright and light city in southern Switzerland, well-known mountain ranges, a perfect potpourri of European culture, base of the Lake Lugano, renowned for architecture and cuisine, vicinity of the Alps and selife of the River Cassarate make the region of Lugano, Switzerland much more enticing and blissful. This region will increase the value of your excursion…


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The fabulously hot & opulent city is perfectly romantic and surreal; which offers great vistas of nearby mountains; travellers enjoy strolling around the traffic-free cit. They visit the ever so exclusive museums as well as explore the lake side views that are incomparable and magical; the countless magical parks, sub-tropical plants, numerous stunning buildings and parklands boasts dazzling environment that is both enjoyable and worth photographing. Admire incredible natural and cultural landscapes here…

The unspoiled splendid viewpoints, Mediterranean-style squares and arcades, Alpine scenery and beautiful lakesides are highly adorable and worth visiting; kids enjoy the local cuisines while walking down the town setting. The city of Lugano also hosts a great number of events and festivals that are nothing short of astonishments. You will be pleasantly surprised here…

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