2 hidden & charming regions to Explore with your family in 2016


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Planning a family trip that is both entertaining as well as thrilling? You must consider the finest travel destinations around that are easy to reach and explore. In order to have ultimate adventures of your life time, to improve your overall travelling experience and to challenge your inner boundaries, you need to choose the most exhilarating and peaceful travel destinations.

These two picturesque hallmark regions are worth knowing and exploring…

Santa Marta


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A significantly buzzing commercial port and tourist destination, exotic vistas of Caribbean Sea, dramatic backdrops, exceptional place for the world-class backpackers, great number of beach resorts and a thrilling national park, this is a vibrating land of Santa Marta, Colombia. When it comes to the expression of purity, dazzling coastline, straddling archaeological sites, first Spanish settlement, and interesting gardens, Santa Marta is the best energizing place to meander. Undoubtedly, travellers from across the globe amble here to see the coral reef, experience scuba diving, and relax on the sunny beaches. Experience envisaging openness, awe and transformational mood here in Santa Marta…

Most backpackers love to scramble through to the mountain roads that promise to offer incredible vistas and visible mechanics of nature; even bird watching at the popular El Dorado is the most exclusive thing here in Santa Marta. Families choose to visit the most inspiring but cheap all inclusive holiday resorts and hotels that offer high-end amenities along with other personalize world-class services to their visitors. There are many gorgeous hotels that offer peace shrouded in luxury and style… No doubt, you cannot imprison your inner bird here…


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When it comes to travelling, experience is everything! In order to experience soul-reviving endless adventure, craggy terrains, roaring hills, cool ice-waters all around, and a region of utmost fun and enjoyment, this is a lush and welcoming region of Kulusuk, Greenland. Kulusuk is a gift on earth that is much smaller in size but can improve your overall adventure and outdoor experience; worldwide hikers drift here to touch the summits, touch the fjord systems, witness the limitless clouds, and dip their toe in the freezing water. Try touching the boundaries of Greenland…

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12Picture courtesy: greenland.com


No doubt, it is quite a mountainous place that is filled with stimulating valleys and sparse vegetation; its revitalizing geography makes it a great place for outdoor adventure, winter excursions, dog sledging, northern light watching and specially exaggerated hiking. Arrive here in style to sense the unexpected and also develop skills to talk to nature…

Get ready to feel the secret undercurrents of spiritual awakening!  Happy travelling!   

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