3 Most Charming Travel Destinations of Thailand

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Thailand is the most wonderful country that is highly popular amongst world-class travellers. It offers miles of irresistible beach locations, bustling metropolitans, meticulously carved ancient temples, deep green rice paddies as well as lush rain forest that dominates this holy region. This beautiful and integral organ of the universe is sumptuously loaded with colourful life, smiling people, amazing culture, ethnic rituals and much more that are unique. All these elements are vital and make it a popular destination for global explorers who want to experience the Theravada Buddhism, richness evoking atmosphere, buzzing culture, conscious accord of influential nature as well as ultimate relaxation.  

  • Chiang Mai
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The largest and culturally significant city in Northern Thailand, expanse of Ping River, as well as extravagant cultural festivals, this is the most famous land of Thailand – Chiang Mai. It is known for its vibrant festivals, art and cultural museums, sparkling national parks and the most ancient Buddhist temples. People rest and relax here as well as enjoy the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary that is highly famous for its elephants. Kids visit the zoo as well as roam in the bustling bazaars to have the finest experience. Explore the notion here – survival of the happiest…

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Visually striking Phuket is one of the oldest cities in Thailand that is renowned for its cultural vibes, Buddhist temples, tropical sunsets, azure sea and super dazzling landscapes. This region has several things to offer from natural setting to the finest resorts that are brimmed with opulence. Travellers take speed-boat trips to see the exciting new places, rain forest areas, as well as palm-lined beaches.  Get ready for the aerial shots! There are several beaches in Phuket that are known for windy coastal roads, enigmatic diving spots, and a remote stretch of sand. This tunnel of bliss is waiting for you…

  • Nonthaburi

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Radically beautiful Nonthaburi is known across the world because of its fertile soil, plentiful water, orchards, river banks, and golf courses that are quite exotic and pristine!  Nonthaburi is accessible from Bangkok and other locations; travellers reach here to see ancient elephant statues, traditional roads, as well as to taste the highly delicious Thai food in their favourite restaurants. No doubt, timeless seafood plays a staggering role here. Nonthaburi is a pleasing showcase of live entertainment…

Unquestionably, Thailand will provide once-in-a-lifetime experience and add so much joy to your life! So, are you ready to visit the fantasy land of Thailand to enjoy its Annual monkey buffet festival and other cultural activities?

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