Namibia- Explore Your Inner-Self In Perfect Seclusion

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It is a quite getaway for the serenity-seekers! Namibia is a highly celebrated and distinctive country in southwest Africa; it is known across the world because of its super expansive Namib desert, Atlantic Ocean coast, mesmerizing wildlife, wetlands as well as diverse culture. Explorers not only hit this land to witness the biodiversity, but also to see the incredible German colonial-era buildings that are utterly enchanting. The sprawling national parks, beautiful contrasting landscapes, migrating dune belts, dry riverbeds and canyons make it worth visiting. World-class visitors dribble here to have the best time while discovering the patches of vast Kalahari Desert, sparse vegetation, red sand as well as ancient towns and villages.  Most people roam around the endless savannah, woodlands, perennial rivers as well as tropical forest to sense the fresh vibes of the wonderful and memorable Namibia.    

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This is the best place on earth to explore your inner-self in perfect seclusion near natural elements.   

 Bird watching – Get ready to do and watch birds here

If you are a bird watcher, then you visit Namibia because it has a vast variety of residents as well as migratory birds that are rare and unique, too. The region of Namibia is bestowed with the exclusive bird species; you can move to Etosha especially for bird watching during the rainy season. However, you can also descend to most famous and fabulous regions that are popular for bird watching such as Waterberg Plateau, the Caprivi and northern river systems, as well as the coastal areas. This area is ideal getaway if you want to be with your special someone!

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Are you ready to penetrate the mystery of wilderness areas?   

Hiking – Be thrilled

If you are an avid hiking enthusiast, then just slither here because the wilderness is vast and encourage people to move through them. You can choose a great variety of walks, overnight hiking trails and guided wilderness trails as per your speciality. You can also book camps in advance for a carefree walking and relaxing. The lovely and beautiful vistas can add to the feel.     

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Give yourself time to think, walk and hike here, then only you will nurture your dreams.

Geology – What an incredible geology it is? 

When it comes to wired ancient rock formations, vast desert areas and bedrock exposure, then the region of Namibia itself strikes to the minds of global voyagers. From the Kalahari and Namib Deserts, every element is breathtaking and ultimately beautiful. People experience the exotic Namib sand sea, rugged mountain ranges, vast plains, grasslands, flood plains, rivers, Quivertree Forest in Bushveld, and the coastal areas that are arid but represent high class beauty.    

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Flamingo Bay Water Lodge Mozambique

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Trust yourself, feel the freshness of this region and express your desires while observing the most engaging natural vistas.  Not to forget the food, which is unique and delicious.  

Best time to visit Namibia

Namibia can be visited throughout the year. The climate is generally dry and pleasant.  

Did you know?

  • Namibia is the second least densely populated country on earth.
  • Namibia, known as the “Gem of Africa”, is a unique place for eco-tourists.


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