3 Reasons to Spend a Summer in Lapland (Finland)


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Barely anybody would have heard of cloudberries outside of Northern Europe. In Lapland, cloudberry is uttered with great reverence and only afforded to deeply loved dainties like truffles. These tiny orange-yellow fruit are ripped by the month of July which brings the Finns on their toes. The start of cloudberry season makes the locals forget everything else and they indulge so deeply in pickings, as if cloudberry means their life to them. In the entire mainland, the collection and savoring of the cloudberries is the most enchanted activity in the summers.

Sami culture

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Sami boots

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Sami Culture flourishes in the Lapland, so you should not be surprised to see these native Arctic people in their ethnic dresses at the supermarkets. For edification on the Sami Culture head to the Rovaniemi’s Arktikum museum which exhibits clothes, boats and other household materials of the native people and of course, the cultural artifacts.

Majestic Nature


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Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, Lapland

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The Hetta-Pallas Trail, is 30 mile long and peers through the Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park and offers numerous scenic panoramas along its route. It usually takes around 4 days to complete the trek and is beautifully blemished with rustic cabins some of which even have saunas.

For a more authentic experience, lodge at Hetan Majatalo which is the heritage hotel and has been carried on for generations. Today, the hotel is a cluster of freshly restores wooden chalets near the hamlet of Hetta. It is the best strategic spot to base yourself in, which makes your exploration of the nearby wilderness areas a lot easier. Moreover, choices of hiking trails proliferate in the area.

Or if you fancy spending summers like the locals, take on rent, a countryside cottage by the side of the lake, where you will be provided with your own boat so that you can get your daily catches for supper. Not to mention these are popularly known as self-catering cottages.

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