3 Strange Yet Deeply Adored Honeymoon Experiences


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Cuddle on a Beach in Hiddensee Island, Germany

Couple on the Beach

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Hiddensee is the unblemished Baltic Island which has remained unmarred from tourism. It doesn’t have any motor transportation; hence horse-wagons are the most popular way around. Take a bike on a rent, and paddle your way across the unbeatable atmospheric territories here. Set yourself in the Strandkorb, or beach baskets as they are popularly called, which are a semi sheltered shell chair for two, which protects from winds, as you and your partner cherish the coastal ecstasies.

 Get Spoilt by the Mollycoddling Nature in Ambergris Caye, Belize

honeymoon 7

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honeymoon 9

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Outlined by exotic beaches and homes, a mangrove swamp in the middle, this island gloats about world’s second largest barrier reef, after the Australia. Sunset cruises on catamarans are very popular here, and are often mixed up with snorkeling and diving. But we are fascinated by the warm nights in the rustic thatched roof huts and pampering in hammocks (built for two).

Voyage the Alaska’s Otherworldly Coast on a Compact Ship


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honeymoon 19

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Only small ship scan cruise the serendipitous fjords, tranquil bays and scintillating inlets along the Alaska’s inner passage. From inside the cabin gawp at surging icebergs, daunting glaciers and misty clouds soaring above the ice-capped mountain peaks. Or hop out for a meander or tuck yourselves in a two-person kayak to skim in enthralling coves and spot wildlife creatures like seals and otters.  

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